Trust must be earned

Privacy and transparency make you a trusted brand


LionX integrates seamlessly with existing user experience:

* Transparency and control as a brand differentiator
* Customers review & choose who accesses every aspect of their information
* 90% believe the way their data is treated reflects how they are treated as customers


LionX integrates easily with your technology to:

* Track data use & sharing
* Provide required data transparency
* Automate compliance burden
* Avoid costly fines


LionX monitors regulations nationwide and provides the solution to:

* Inform users of the data gathered
* Obtain users’ consent to share it
* Allow users to opt-out of data sharing
* Manage and audit the entire process from users’ consent to the third-party access

Customer loyalty requires trust

of consumers want stricter privacy regulation*

want better tools to control their privacy*

*Source Pew Research

LionX helps companies create customer trust and loyalty with a privacy experience that far exceeds their expectations for security, transparency, and responsiveness.

Privacy Regulations in the United States

Stricter privacy regulations are here

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect on January 1, 2020, and more states have similar laws pending. 

Consumer Privacy Platform

What LionX Platform Does

LionX Consumer Privacy Platform mitigates your risk of heavy fines and protects your lead generation revenue by sharing personal information with explicit consumer consent. Just as important, it creates customer trust and loyalty through a differentiated user experience that exceeds consumer expectations for security, transparency, and responsiveness.


the identity of consumers making requests using a driver’s license or other ID by verifying this data using multiple sources.


to consumers what information is shared, who it’s shared with, and why, not hidden in privacy policies that consumers never read.


consumer’s requests for access to their information that is shared with third parties within seconds not days.


with an off-the-shelf set of procedures for these functions that complies with the regulations for this portion of the act.


we maintain the required records to evidence compliance with these regulations for this portion of the act.


opting in and out of third-party access to their data through the LionX APIs in a white label experience for web and mobile.

Consumer Privacy Platform

Our Team

LionX is founded by Aimeelene Gaspar and Andy Carra, Product and Technology experts who have dedicated their careers to solving the unique problems within financial services through technology. 

Aimeelene Gaspar, CEO

Information has the power to change lives, it is part of our individual identity and must be protected. People have the right to know and choose how their information is used.

Andy Carra, CTO


I’m passionate about reforming processes to achieve mutual benefit for consumers and businesses through efficiency, security, and transparency.

Build Customer Loyalty

Give Them Control Over Privacy