Your personal information is never stored on our servers - it’s under your control. Your identity is fully encrypted, kept on your devices in your personal vault, and secured by your password.


With your permission, we maintain a fully verified financial profile sourced directly from credit agencies and financial institutions. We anonymize it, store it, and keep it up to date.


Access your information anywhere and share it with any LionX partner or user. You determine who can access your information and you can stop sharing with anyone at any time.

California is leading the way to protect consumer privacy. Learn more here.

Keeping Your Personal Information Private

After verifying your identity, LionX doesn't retain any personally identifiable information (PII) - only a means of verifying it with your permission. Your PII resides in a secured "vault" on your devices and never on our servers. Your financial profile is sourced from credit agencies and financial institutions and stored in a fully anonymized manner on our servers. We keep it up to date and you can control who has access to it.

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Secure Sharing

Whether you're sharing your information with family, a landlord, or a bank or company, we can help. You decide what to share with whom and for how long.

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Customer-First Marketplace

Coming soon

LionX is building a marketplace where consumers can apply anonymously for financial products across multiple institutions and businesses with a single request. Only after selecting the best offer will your personal information be shared with the provider you choose.

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